The Great Adventure

Happy 10th Birthday to Enzo: Celebrating with a Coffee and a Waterfall

Wow, ten years! I actually can’t believe I’m writing this. It really is humbling how fast time really gets away from us. It’s almost unfair. Enzo has been with us since he was 10 weeks old. Since that day, he has proven himself to be the perfect companion no matter what life throws at us. […]

The Great Adventure Supply List

So first thing to admit here is we have no idea what we’re doing. Our great adventure supply list is sort-of a cobbled together from a mixture of people giving us suggestions, other websites, and just kind of guessing what the best thing to do here is. If there’s any other time to utilize the […]

Planning the Perfect Dog Friendly Road Trip

Planning the perfect dog friendly road trip, as we soon discovered, isn’t as flexible as it is with your fellow human friend or family member. Dogs aren’t human, therefore pose a different threat both to themselves and the environment which can put them or even you in a tough spot. After reading a bit, there […]

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