Our Story

I’ve always had one dream: it was to honor Enzo with the greatest trip of his lifetime. I know it sounds crazy to some, but I really felt like it was important to take him around the country as best we could and give him the best experience he could possibly have. I know that experience is quite limited simply because he’s a dog, but I felt like it was a way of saying “Thank you!” to my best friend for all of these years. I also wanted to have something super fun to look back on, and that’s also why this website exists.

When I first started dreaming of it, it sounded like such a romantic idea to stick it to the man for a few weeks, hop in a car, and just drive. Drive to the coolest places we are so lucky to have here in the United States. Stop, enjoy the scenery, have a nice coffee (or a cocktail 🥃 ) to help take it all in, and keep on going. You know, keep things simple. We like simple.

Enzo, the subject of the first shot taken on the Canon M50 MKII

I’m lucky to say my dream also became Christine’s dream. We would playfully talk about it, fantasize on how fun it would be to do, rattle off a ton of places we would visit, and just enjoy imagining the possibilities. We even came up with his final destination: The Great Redwoods: The Largest Tree for the Greatest Pee. Get it? Dogs like peeing on trees – why not give him the biggest one possible?!

Fast forward a bit, inject how are lives aren’t full of kids and too much responsibility, sprinkle on how we somehow have enough money to do this, and voila: we’re actually going to make this happen… and at the best time possible… for Enzo’s 10th birthday. What better way to celebrate such a milestone! I don’t think there is any. This is going to be awesome.