Happy 10th Birthday to Enzo: Celebrating with a Coffee and a Waterfall

by Marc Miller

August 25, 2021

Wow, ten years! I actually can’t believe I’m writing this. It really is humbling how fast time really gets away from us. It’s almost unfair.

Enzo has been with us since he was 10 weeks old. Since that day, he has proven himself to be the perfect companion no matter what life throws at us. During really difficult times to incredible milestones – this guy was there helping us to mourn, celebrate, or just lay under our heads when we needed it. I really owe this guy big time.

The past ten years have been an honor and a privilege, so cheers to that and cheers to ten more! 🍻

A Day to Celebrate

Today was a pretty great day – it was everything we were hoping for: quiet, simplicity, spending time together – the works. To start, we enjoyed a cup of coffee together with Enzo at Jumpingoat Coffee Roasters and Tasting Room. Definitely a great place to check out the rolling hills and have a proper cappuccino.

Jumpingoat Coffee Roasters & Tasting Room

Eventually, the heat got the best of us. I mean come on, we’re drinking hot cappuccinos in direct sunlight before noon. Almost crazy. The great thing was it encouraged us to take off and check out Anna Ruby Falls for a proper cool off.

Anna Ruby Falls
Anna Ruby Falls: Off the Trail

by Marc Miller

Marc R. Miller is an Atlanta, GA based front-end developer, project manager, writer, and online marketing specialist. Prior to developing, Marc hand-crafted custom surface drives for offshore powerboats in St. Augustine, FL. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.