Sniffing Through the Smoky Mountains and Nantahala National Forest

by Marc Miller

July 2, 2021

We had a quick and fun trip from Atlanta to Gatlinburg, TN to visit my family from New York. Everyone decided to meet in the middle (Tennessee) to hit up Dollywood and celebrate my aunt’s milestone 80th birthday. Ever since we received the invitation in the mail, we wanted to really take advantage of the scenic drive.

Luckily one of my friends who was pretty familiar with the drive instructed us on exactly the route and even recommended a few stops. Although I was under some pressure to get back to the city to catch a plane, we made sure to stop often and enjoy. Here are a few pictures from that early morning drive.

The first stop we made on our way out of Gatlinburg. Early, wet, and quiet!

If it happens to look cold in these pictures, it sure was. Although we’re in early July, the early morning drive included chilly temperatures in the low 40s. Pair that with the misty mountains and decent gusts of wind, you can say I definitely wasn’t dressed for this. I still got out of the car to enjoy the scenery though. Worth the risk of catching a sniffle I tell you hwut.

At one of the first and best overlooks we stopped to admire.
This picture definitely captures the essence of that morning.
Enzo off enjoying the area; sniffing about.
Panoramic shot by Christine.
Christine climbing a wet, slippery rock mound.
Another great shot at one of the final overlooks.

by Marc Miller

Marc R. Miller is an Atlanta, GA based front-end developer, project manager, writer, and online marketing specialist. Prior to developing, Marc hand-crafted custom surface drives for offshore powerboats in St. Augustine, FL. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.